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I went into the house. The father noticed me, and tried to attack. I pulled out my .45 and killed him. Now im in a mad scuffle to clean up the crime scene and hope that the girls are still locked in the basement.

I'm in the basement. three Asians girls and their mothers are infront of me. I'm about to uncuff the oldest one.
I'll leave the mouth cover over her so she doesn't scream. I've made myself hard, and am ready to penetrate her vagina.

She's a virgin blood covered my dick while entering her. At first she struggled, and her face blushed bright red while her nipples were being fondled infront of her two younger sisters. At first she hesitates, but seeing as the situation is useless gives in.

An unexpected turn of events has occured. The mother arrives as soon as the oldest girl is about to achieve climax. Luckily I brought extra equipment. The mother being very angry seeing me do unspeakable thigns to her daughters ass infront of her begins to try and untie herself. A few hits to the face calms her down. I turned the oldest daughters ass to face her family members and begin performing fellatio on her tight asshole.After penetration of her asshole i notice that the rest of the family is responding to the oldest daughters screams.

Somehow the youngest daughter free's herself. In a mad panic i begin to pull out of her sisters ass to deal with her. I grab her by the neck expecting shrieks or cries, but I receive a kiss on the lips. After I release her she begins to suck my filthy dick to rid the remains of her sister off it.

After asking for an explanation of her actions she replies that me killing her father ended a life time of rape that she endured every night. Giving herself to me was the only way she knew how to repay my actions. The youngest daughter lays on the floor with her wides spread open, asking me to place her sisters vagina on her face.

After seeing the youngest daughter give in the oldest daughter becomes more sympathetic to her story, and stands perfectly over her younger sisters face and allows me to the action take place. Enjoying the show I take the youngest daughter and begin fucking her savagely. The youngest daughters story was not a lie because her vagina was quite loose, and they hymnal did not break. The youngest girls vagina walls tighten and i pull out just in time to pour a hot load on the middle daughters giant breasts.

After shooting off my load i tie the oldest one up again and put the middle girl on a nearby table. Now the youngest one is free, and i begin performing fellatio on the middle daughters vagina while the youngest girl blows my limp cock to get me hard again.

Enduring too far into the fellatio actions on the middle child i do not realize that the mother has freed herself.

I've woken up unconscious tied up in the living room. The youngest daughter is still sucking my cock. I find that the mother and middle child are performing a 69 on each other while the oldest daughter is eating the youngest daughters asshole. I am in an upright position on the chair and fully tied down so that i cannot make a single movement.

The tables have turned. The mother begins to walk towards me, and puts her hand on my fully erect member. she then turns around and sits on my cock with her back facing me. Her vagina is so loose that it feels like my cock is just barely filling her up. She rides me harder than any performance i've ever had before in my life. I quickly approach climax, but she does not stop riding even though i've filed her with hot cum.

The mother continues to ride not once slowing down preventing my boner from going down. This causes some pain, but I am enjoying myself. She continues to ride, and I tell her im going to cum, but this time she jumps off and orders her middle child to get on and take the load. The middle child is obviously unfamiliar with sexual relationships. Her performance is lacking and i find myself losing my boner to her unapeasing thrusts. Her mother began scolding her at her failure, but i remember her giant tits.

I plead with the mother to let me fonder her breasts, and she agrees to release my hands.I begin to grab her monstrous breasts, and thrust myself into her as hard as I possibly can. Her screams of pain of my grabbing her large tits call her sisters over to lick her tits while i fondle them. Also her mother came down on her own daughters vagina and licked my balls in the process.

Feeling climax I've turned my hard thrusts into long hard savage and quick thrusts that stimulates my cock to blow a huge load inside of the middle daughters pussy. The mother continues to eat her daughters pussy, and licks the cum sliding down from my cock clean off.

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Rapin Asian Bitches